Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last one for 2016

A last look at the work we did in 2016, together with special event trains passing the new halt during the mixed traffic gala on Friday.

It was a crisp morning yesterday, but the low, bright light made photography a challenge.
Here is a view of the 10 slabs laid a fortnight ago. They are in a neat line at the north end of the platform, with battens laid over the cracks in between, prior to pointing there.
The southern end of the platform wall has not yet had any corbelling bricks laid on it - the next job, if the cold weather allows - but enough corbelled area exists, and enough slabs on site, for a further slab laying session. Then we need to get another load of them from Winchcombe.

And then the trains started running. What would they be?

The first one was the 3 unit DMU, still heading for 'XMAS', which must be a reference to 'NORTH POLE', aka Winchcombe. In the picture the cab is at the level of the slabs just laid.

A wander down the bridleway alongside the Hayles site took us to Didbrook 2 bridge, where the DMU can be seen just south of the outer signals of Toddington. Looks like a WR main line, doesn't it? Leamington to Cardiff, anyone?

Back at the bridge over the line at Hayles, a clag producing competition was taking place between diesel and steam, with the class 47 a winner by a short head. On the platform, pallets of bricks and rows of slabs are waiting for milder weather.

Photography at Hayles facing south was tricky, with the strong light and tender first running. Here's a go at an atmospheric shot; at least there is plenty of steam in the cold.

With the sun behind you, the same train looks a lot more colourful, as the 7 carriages pass the 2 carriage halt. This shot with an auto train would be perfect. Now there's an idea.....

A rather subdued class 20 - the steamer was doing all the work - brings up the rear and reveals the platform and the beautiful Cotswolds edge.

The Hayles crew expects to be back at work Monday week, January 9th 2017. More corbelling, more slabbing, and a digger to reshape the slope and dig out the base for the corrugated iron hut.

Where did 2016 go? It was the year in which we started work on Hayles Abbey Halt, and 2017 should see this completed. What could we do next?

Have a great new year's eve, and see you next year!


  1. Happy New Year to Jo and all the Hayles Abbey team ,see you all on Monday 9th Jan ,loads of mortar needed , me thinks ! Daily M.

  2. Happy new year to you all, thank you for the work at Hayles halt and the blog

  3. Laverton or Gretton Halt?

    Any news on Bishops Cleeve station site which was up for sale last year?

    1. Someone must have bought as it has its front being demolished so it is being changed for something else.
      Vic Smith

  4. I hear that the Nursery have pulled out of the Bishops Cleeve site but any ideas of more Stations or halts are best discarded , as there are many more important challenges and funding required on what we have already along our soon to be 15 mile H/R .

  5. Thanks for a wonderful 2016 of spellbinding blogs and, of course, work at Hayles Abbey Halt. Awaiting with baited breath, the next blog on 9th January. Regards, Paul.

  6. yea you start on the other side and put it back to double track with a run round loop

  7. How about an appeal to extend to Weston Sub Edge?, (ducks to avoid things thrown at me). Regards, Paul. (only half serious).

    1. Getting to Honeybourne will be a big ticket, and we need to pause for a breather after Broadway.
      In my view a good first step would be Willersey, a mile away, with 3 bridges to repair. It's a pretty village with two pubs and a pond, quite close to the railway. There could be a DMU shuttle from Broadway.

    2. Willersey would be good to get to. What kind of cost would be involved with the purchase of the trackbed ? You say there's 3 bridges, are they all over bridges?.. what's at willersey, Just room for a run round loop ?

    3. 1. Too complicated to answer, sorry.
      2. Springfield lane: Road over rail
      Collin lane: Road over rail
      Badsey Lane, Willersey: Rail over road.
      3. Willersey was double track on an embankment by Badsey Lane bridge. There was a halt, similar to Laverton.

  8. Why don't you build the platform 2 waiting room at Broadway when Hayles is complete, if .you have the bricks